Final Draft: 01/01/2017




There shall be an unincorporated and non-commercial group known as Trans Pride Scotland (hereinafter referred to as Trans Pride or the group).


Objectives and purposes


To create and promote event(s) to further trans people’s rights and to celebrate trans identity in all of its forms.

To fight and challenge transphobia in all of its forms through a variety of methods.

Campaign to further equality for all trans people.

To celebrate the history and diversity of the trans movement.

To be a democratic group where structures allow for grassroots decision making.

To have events and campaigns that are as inclusive as possible to the whole of the trans community in Scotland.




To promote and represent the interests of trans people in Scotland and to work to make sure trans voices are heard throughout the country.

To never have or obtain commercial purposes, to keep our pride events free, inclusive, accessible and as a form of protest.

To be a not for profit group run by trans people for trans people.

To be democratic and inclusive in decision making.



Equality and Diversity


Ensure that the diversity of its membership is recognised and that equal access is available to all members.

Pursue its aims and objectives free from influence of any political party or religious group.

Pursue equal opportunities by taking positive action to facilitate participation of trans people who also define under other groups oppressed by society such as but not limited to women, disabled people and people of colour.

To see trans people as people who are not cis, who do not identify the gender they were assigned at birth and this encompasses gender identities that are considered binary and non-binary.




Executive group


Shall be responsible for the governance, budget and long term strategy of Trans Pride.

Will implement policies passed at the planning group.

The Executive group reserves the power to overturn any decision or policy made by members in any meeting which has or may have funding implications without compromising the aims and objectives of the group.

The executive group may delegate any of its powers or functions to any group or the implementation of any of its resolutions and day-to-day management of the affairs of the group to any person or group in accordance to the conditions set out in this constitution. As long as the commitments under the remit of their position are fulfilled they remain responsible for any actions executed, if at all.

The executive group reserves the right to create its own subgroups that are temporary or permanent.

Quorum of the executive group will be half of the overall membership plus one.

One Co-Convenor of Trans Pride shall chair the group and in their absence the other shall be vice chair of the group.

The chair will not have a vote unless when a vote is tied. In this case the chair will have the deciding vote.

If decided by the executive the chair can rotate around the committee.

Membership of this group shall consist of elected members which are:

Co-Convenor (x2) - Shall be the most senior representatives and spokespeople of Trans Pride Scotland. Will chair the executive and planning group meetings and organise the agendas of these meetings. Responsible for the coordination of the executive and aims of the group.

Treasurer - Shall be responsible of the finances of the group and will report to the executive and planning group on finances.


Communications Officer – Shall be responsible for communicating to members of the group and beyond about the groups events and news through various platforms.


Events Officer - Shall be responsible for all events of Trans Pride Scotland and work with other executive members in the running of events when necessary.


Campaigns Officer - Will organise the march, coordinate the group support other demos and generally promote and run campaigns in the interest of the group.


Secretary - Shall be responsible for taking and producing minutes, give members notice of meetings and conduct the elections of the other executive members. The Secretary position will be voted on in the planning group meeting before the election of other executive officers.


One Officer elected from each caucus - shall communicate decisions, advocate the interests of and chair the caucus they represent.


Planning Group


This group is open will be responsible for and set policy over the representation, campaigning work and implementation of policy passed by this group unless referred to the Executive group to implement.

If a motion of no confidence is called, the vote of confidence will take place at the next appropriate planning group meeting.

All members are able to attend the planning group meeting and are all full members.

Quorum of the planning group is five members. And must include three members of the Executive group present.

Only the planning group can change clauses of the Trans Pride constitution. Changes to the constitution must pass by a two thirds majority to pass.




Caucus meetings shall be only ever made up by the people who self-identify into the type of caucus it is.

The creation of a caucus will be approved at the planning group.

Causes will elect their own Officer to represent their interests.

Caucuses will be able to table votes of no confidence for their own officer.

Caucuses shall be responsible for the control and implementation of their own policies of democracy representation, campaigning work.

Decisions relating to and affecting the identity of the membership of a caucus shall be made by that caucus itself.

In the absences of a caucus these decisions will be made by the planning group until one is made.


Annual general meetings


Annual general meetings will take place every year on a date decided by the Executive group or the planning group at one of their own meetings.

Notice of an annual general meeting will be minimum of one month and must be given to members as soon as an AGM has been successfully called for.

A general meeting can pass policies which can mandate any group/officer.

Annual general meetings will hold elections for each Executive group position apart from the Secretary position.

Caucus groups and officer positions are exempt from annual general meeting mandates and elections.


Extraordinary Annual General Meetings


Extraordinary annual general meetings will have all the regular powers of an annual general meeting but will be called in the result of a by-election.




Each and every trans identifying person who has submitted a membership form to the group shall be a member of the Trans Pride group.

Membership shall cease if a person opts out by writing to the group or if they are removed by the executive group for breaking the policies of Trans Pride.

The executive group shall assess if a member has broken a rule and has the power to either remove a member of the group for breaking policies or suspend someone for a duration of time set by the executive group.




There shall be elections for all positions.

All elections will be held using the single transferable voting system.

Each candidate will produce a manifesto.

Candidates can only use materials that are available to other candidates for promoting their election campaign.

All ballot papers shall include the option of “Reopen Nominations”.

The Secretary of the group will manage the rules and conduct of elections, will remain impartial in doing so and as a result will not have a vote. The election of the Secretary position will be conducted by a planning group meeting before the annual general meeting.

If a position is left unfilled it will be up to the Secretary if a by-election will be called. If the Secretary position must be filled in order for elections to be carried out.

Once elected a handover process of one month will begin. After that period is over the current Officers shall stand down and the Officers-elect will take their positions.

The term of all elected positions shall be one year.


Vote of no confidence


A vote of no confidence can be called after a submission of a petition that at least 15 members have signed to a planning group meeting.

Once submitted members at the planning group meeting shall vote if the request to hold a vote should progress.

If the vote is in favour a vote of no confidence is will take place at the next planning group meeting where the group must give a minimum of a month’s notice to members that the vote is happening.

A simple majority is then needed at the next planning group meeting for the vote of no confidence to pass.

If passed a by-election takes place at an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting to make a new appointment.




Policy will be passed at the planning group meetings and will need a simple majority to take effect.

The Secretary will remain impartial in debate around policy and is responsible for making sure the debate is democratic and balanced.

Policy will lapse every three years.

Members have the chance to vote to renew a policy at the annual general meeting on the year the policy is about to lapse.




The constitution will be reviewed every five years by the Executive group.




Any disputes around the interpretation of this constitution will be decided by the Convenors of Trans Pride.




If any property remains after the group has been wound up or dissolved and all debts and liabilities have been satisfied, it shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the group. It shall instead be given to a group which have purposes similar to those of trans pride and which prohibits the distribution of its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent at least as great as this Constitution imposes upon trans pride. The institution or institutions which are to benefit shall be chosen by the Executive group at or before the time of winding up or dissolution.

Constitution of Trans Pride Scotland.

© 2019 Trans Pride Scotland

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