Trans Pride Scotland Safe Space Commitment 


What is safe space?

A space in which everyone feels welcome, respected and comfortable with being who they are. This includes people who facilitate and participate in stalls and workshops, access activities, volunteer or just attend.


To create this, we are all expected to:

•    Listen to each other 
•    Allow everyone to have a chance to speak 
•    Only share information that we are comfortable sharing 
•    Respect other people’s limits, boundaries and confidentiality 
•    Ask someone if we are not sure of their limits and boundaries 
•    Think about the impact of our words, assumptions and actions upon others 
•    Speak respectfully about others whether they are present or not 

If I feel the safe space commitment has been broken, how can I respond?

•    If you feel able to, respectfully tell the person or people involved that you feel        that they are breaking safe space, explaining to the person why 
•    Tell a TPS Steward, volunteer or committee member about how you are feeling           either  at the time or when you feel able via email:                 

What happens if I find it difficult to uphold the safe space?

•    Listen respectfully if someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable and       try to change your behaviour 
•    Ask TPS Steward, volunteer or committee member if you don’t understand               expectations 
•    If you feel unable to speak about your difficulties in the moment, then you can         leave the room 
•    Ask TPS Steward, volunteer or committee member for support 

Trans Pride Scotland will always work actively to create a safe space.

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